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FZ 110

Item 41500212
Argolab Freezer FZ 110                                           

Professional freezer for laboratory use, with electronically controlled digital display, temperature alarms, open door and manual and automatic defrosting.

Flexible and easy to use refrigerated instruments, the internal parameters can be adjusted according to even the most restrictive needs.


The highly efficient compressors contain "environmentally friendly" ecological gas, free of CFCs and HCFCs, in compliance with Directive 2014/68 / EU.

The internal dynamic ventilation system guarantees the best conditions for the storage of even the most sensitive materials, in compliance with the EN 60068-3 standard. Three levels of alarms: acoustic, visual and remote with contact at 0 potential.


The small-sized models (110 liters internal useful volume) are suitable for environments with limited spaces and can be placed under the counter.

All models are equipped with internal Full-LED light and reversible door, with key lock.

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