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XS PC 80 PRO Stirrer - Without electrode and cell

Item 50104272

XS PC 80 PRO Stirrer - Without electrode and cell                                                                              

Digital benchtop multiparameter meter for advanced laboratory analysis.

Multiview screen (up to 6 parameters can be displayed simultaneously at user's choice).

Automatic or manual 5-point pH calibration with automatic standard recognition.

ISE calibration from 2 to 5 points.

Automatic or manual ORP calibration on 1 point.

Automatic EC calibration up to 1 to 4 points with recognition of standards and calculation of different constants of

cell + 1 point manual.

Automatic scale change, automatic and manual temperature compensation (0...100.0 °C). Reference temperature (15...30 °C).

Linear (0.00...10.00%) and not linear temperature coefficient for ultrapure water.

Compatible with 4-ring and 2-ring cells, with indication of selected constant.

Calibration expiration and/or measurement lockout warning.

Alarm setting and display functions in analog format, "Stop-reading," stability indication, self-diagnostic messages.

Advanced Management of Users (Admin, Manager, User, Guest) with different possibilities of access to instrumental functions.

Different data logger modes (Manual, Automatic, Min/Max, Delta value).

Analysis Menu for a complete edit of your measurements: you can enter all useful information about the sample and the test.

Customizable print templates. Multilingual Setup menu (Ita - Eng - Deu - Fra - Esp - Por).

Free Data-Link+ software at for PC-based data management, including Audit Trail.

2 USB outputs for external keyboard and PC connection. RS232 port for printer connection.




Measuring ranges:

pH: -2,000...20,000 (0.001 pH)

mV: -2000...+2000 (0.1/1 mV)

ORP: -2000...+2000 (0.1/1 mV)

ISE: 0.001...19999 ppm

Cond: 0.0 microS ...1000 mS (0.1 microS - automatic)

Resistivity: 1 Ohm ...10 MOhm

Salinity: 0.01...100.0 ppt

TDS: 0.1 mg/l...500.0 g/l

Temperature: -30...130.0 °C (0.1 °F)



Supplied as standard:

Magnetic stirrer, S7/BNC cable, NT 55 temperature probe, electrode holder stand, colored buffer solutions, external keypad, USB cable and multi socket power supply.

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