Neya 16R Cooled, High Speed Centrifuge 4x175ml, 16000 rpm, 10 Programs

Item 40100342
Neya 16R Cooled, High Speed Centrifuge          4x175ml, 16000 rpm,10 Programs

• Automatic rotor detection, check of presence of accessories and compatibility with maximum speed 
• Safety speed limiter function 
• 10 storable programs with protection function 
• Setting of speed in RPM and RCF 
• Short Spin function and precool (NEYA 16R) 
• Temperature range from -10°C to +40°C (NEYA 16R) 
• Controlled by microprocessor and backlit color LCD display with contemporary visualization of all parameters 
• Digital adjustment of acceleration and deceleration levels 
• Stainless steel internal bowl with optimal height for load and download of samples 
• Imbalance detection system with automatic functioning stop to avoid accidents 
• Automatic locking system of the lid, safety opening of the lid in case of absence of electric power 
• Brushless motor maintenance free and no deposits

Maximum capacity 4 x 175 ml
Maximum speed 16.000 rpm

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