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Cond 50 VioLab bench-top conductivity meter complete with cell

Item 50103002
Cond 50 VioLab bench-top conductivity meter complete with cell                                                    

Professional bench conductivity meter with innovative high definition color LCD display, with possibility of brightness adjustment.

Conductivity measurement, TDS, with temperature display.

Possibility to select the parameters you want to see on the display.

The online guide in setup and calibration allows a simple and immediate use of the device.

Automatic calibration of conductivity up to 5 points (84; 147; 1413 microS and 12.88; 111 mS) and a user-defined point.

Automatic scale change, selectable reference temperature (15… 30 ° C) and selectable cell constant (C = 0.1; 1; 10).

Adjustable reference temperature and selectable cell constant.

Indication with icons of the calibrated values.

Measurement stability indicator and possibility to select 3 stability levels.

All operations are constantly monitored and reported to the operator via the colored LED above the display and self-diagnosis messages.


Measuring range:

Cond: 0.0 microS ... 199.9 mS (0.01 microS - automatic)

TDS: 0.01 mg / l ... 200 g / l

Temperature: 0 ... + 100.0 (0.1 ° C)


Supplied as standard:

Electrode holder stand, conductivity standard, power supply and instructions for use.


Complete with cell 2301T with built-in temperature sensor, 1m fixed cable.

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