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Shaker Refrigerate Incubator SKI 8 R

Item 41102012
CE certificate
Shaker Refrigerate Incubator SKI 8                    

ArgoLab SKI 8R is a benchtop instrument that combines stirring and thermostatting / refrigeration functions in a single body , used to mix liquids and to incubate biological cultures. 

The microprocessor guarantees constant and optimal control of the temperature inside the chamber . 
The heating pre-chamber (and cooling in the SKI 8-R refrigerated model), together with the forced air circulation, guarantee optimal temperature distribution throughout the useful work area.

The thermostating and shaking functions are totally independent, the SKI can therefore also be used as a shaker only or an incubator only.

Wide 8 mm thick plexiglass dome for optimal viewing of samples without heat loss, equipped with gas springs to facilitate opening and safety switch.

Safety systems for overheating protection and adjustable fluid expansion safety thermostat. 

Safety class 3.1 (DIN 12880).

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