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COND 61  Bench Conductivitymeter With Cell

Item 5003072
COND 61 Benchmeter                                                

Conductivity benchtop meter digital microprocessor, LCD backlight display with 3 colours with simultaneous viewing of Conductivity/TDS, Temperature and values of buffers used for calibration. GLP function with last calibration's date and hour. "CAL TIMER" function for calibration setting frequency. "Stability" function. Automatic change of scale and offset of temperature automatic and manual (0 ... 100 ° C). Selectable Temperature reference

(15...30 C) and cell costant (C=0,1; 1; 10). Automatic and manual calibration with recognition of 4 conductivity standards (84; 1413 mS and 12,88; 111 mS) and 1 value defined by the user. Data Logger automatic or manual up to 500 measurements with date and hour. USB door for PC and RS232 for printer. Messages of self-diagnosis. 3 years warranty on the electronic parts.


Measuring range: Conductivity (Cell with C = 1 ) 0,0 .. 199,9 mS / 

TDS: 0...100 g/l  / Salinity: 0...50 g/l /  °C 0,0...100,0 (0,1 °C ).

With cell 2301T (C=1) 2-electrode with temperature probe, 1 m fixed cable, BNC and Cinch connectors. 220V power supply, PC-Link software with USB cable, buffer solutions and user manual.