Oxy 70 with LDO sensor (cable 2mtr)

Item 50010302
Oxy-70 Oxygenmeter                                              

Portable digital oxygen meter with microprocessor (PC, network or battery power) with USB output for connection to PC,
Automatic compensation of temperature, air pressure and manual salt content.

Large illuminated display with simultaneous display of Oxygen (%, ppm / mg / l), temperature and standard used for calibration. GLP with the time and date of the last calibration. Function "CAL TIMER" for setting the frequency of reassessment. Icon stating the "stability" that can be set at three levels (low-med-high). Automatic calibration up to 2 points (0% -100% oxygen). Datalogger manually or automatically with memory up to 500 data with time and date.Auto-off. Rubber holster with table support.
Selfdiagnostic reports, 5 years warranty on electronics. IP57Waterproof.


Measurement range: ppm mg / l O2: 0.00 ... 19.99 / 20.0 ... 50.0; %
Saturation: 0.0 ... 199.9 / 200 ... 400;
Air pressure: 0 ... 1100 mbar;
° C: 0.0 ... 60.0.

Optical oxygen sensor
Full OXY LDO70 / 2MT with built-in temperature sensor and 2m cable,
Standard zero% oxygen,
AC adapter,
70 DataLink software for downloading data,
USB cable,
Manual and suitcase.

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