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PC 80+ Benchmeter without electrodes

Item 5004272
PC 80 Ver. D                                                                   
Multiparameter pH, mV, COND, TDS, salinity, resistivity, temperature digital benchtop instrument with microprocessor, resolution ± 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001 pH / 0.01 µS .
Graphic display colour large backlit display combination of two parameters. Function Data Logger manual and automatic. Memory / recall up to 1000 data with date / time according to GLP .
For pH, Automatic calibration up 1 to 5 points according to GLP with date and time. Buffers selectable NIST, USA, DIN or user definable (20 values). For conductivity, automatic and manual calibration with recognition of 4 conductivity standards (84; 1413 µS, 12,88 and 111 mS) from 1 to 4 points with calculation of the different cell constants and a standard defined by user. Automatic scale change. Reference temperature (15 ... 30 °C), 
Linear temperature coefficient (0.00 ... 10.00%) and cell constant (C = 0.1 ... 10.0) selectable. Visualization on the display of buffers used for calibration, the electrode status. Intuitive management parameters through icons. Multilanguage menu including Italian. Addition of company data, operator's name and the name of the sample via external keyboard (optional). Setting functions of alarms, "Fix-reading" and "Stability" recalibration alarm, messages of self-diagnosis. 2 USB outputs for connecting external keyboard and printer or PC. Magnetic stirrer integrated but also be positioned at a distance of 50 cm with independent control of the speed of agitation. Keyboard splash-proof IP54, 3 years warranty on the electronics.

Measuring range:
pH -2.000 ... 20.000 (0.001 pH); mV -2000 ... + 2000 (0.1 mV);
Conductivity: 0.00 µS ... 1000.0 mS; Resistivity: 0,0 Ω ... 20,00MΩ; Salinity: 0, 01 ... 100.0 ppt; TDS: 0.1 mg/l ... 500.0 g/l;°C -20 ... 120.0 (0.1 °C);
D version. PC 80 without pH electrode and no cell, with cable S7/BNC, temperature probe NT 55, support holders, magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed, buffers coloured, glasses for calibration with stirring bars, software for downloading data and power supply.