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Digital Refractometer DBR 95 0-95% Brix

Item 44000063
DBR 95 Digitale Refractometer                               

0.0 to 95.0% Brix
Refractive index
ATC automatic temperature compensation
Self calibrating
Waterproof keyboard
Battery operation
Display the battery level

DBR 95 is the ideal digital readout refractometer for the laboratory and production. Simple to use, just a drop of sample on the prism reading and the display will show concentration, enough with scales difficult to evaluate.

Also suitable for muddy or colored specimens.

From desk and laptop
DBR 95 is both a bench tool that can be easily moved where it is needed. Its handling makes it ideal for use anywhere. Anti-corrosion stainless steel case cell is suitable for any liquid, ensuring excellent cleaning and prolonged use of the instrument.

Temperature compensation
The refractive index of a sample is related to temperature. DBR 95 automatically compensates the refraction index with a built-in microprocessor.

Automatic calibration
The CAL key allows automatic calibration on a point using water as standard.

LCD display
A large display allows you to view all instrument measurement parameters.

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