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REVIO DHS with 201T pH + 2301T EC + DO7 Oxygen electrodes

Item 50110952
REVIO DHS Handheld meter                                 

Professional portable multiparameter with triple power supply (battery, PC, mains) with backlit color graphic display, for excellent data visualization in all lighting conditions, thanks also to the possibility of automatically and manually adjusting the contrast and lighting of the display.

Measurement of pH, mV, ORP, ISE, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature.

The online help in setup and calibration allows a simple and immediate use of the device.

Simultaneous display of multiple parameters, chosen by the operator.

Automatic pH calibration with USA and NIST buffers up to 5 points and 5 points defined by the user.

Automatic ORP calibration 1 point.

Automatic calibration of conductivity up to 4 points and 1 point defined by the user.

Adjustable reference temperature and selectable cell constant.

Automatic O2 calibration up to two points (0% - 100%).

Indication with icons of the calibrated points.

GLP functions: Date and time, display of calibration data and setting of calibration deadline.

Manual and automatic data logger with the possibility of downloading data to PC via micro USB.

Data Link software freely downloadable from

Measurement stability indicator and possibility to select 3 stability levels.

All operations are constantly monitored and signaled to the operator via the colored LED above the display and self-diagnosis messages.


With 201 T DHS Electrode, 2301T cell and polarographic oxygen sensor, built-in temperature sensor and 3 m fixed cable, in rigid case.




Measuring range:

pH: -2.000 ... 20.000 (0.001 pH)

mV: –2000… + 2000 (0.1 mV)

ISE: 0.001 ... 19999 ppm

Cond: 0.0 µS ... 1000 mS (0.1 µS - automatic)

Resistivity: 1 O ... 20 MO

Salinity: 0.1 ppm ... 100 ppt

TDS: 0.1 mg / l ... 500.0 g / l

DO: 0.0 ... 50 mg / l (0.01 / 0.1 mg / l)

Saturation: 0.0… 400% (0.1 / 1%)

Barometric pressure: 0… 1100 mbar (1 mbar)

Temperature: -30 ... 130.0 ° C (0.1 ° C)

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