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UV-10 PLUS (Vis) Spectrophotometer

Item 11000052
UV-10 PLUS (Vis) Spectrophotometer                  

Visible spectrophotometer with automatic setting of the wavelength, 325-1000 nm spectral range. single-beam optical system, bandwidth 4 nm, spectral resolution 0.1 nm, photometric accuracy ± 0.5% T, photometric accuracy ± 0.3% T. Photometric Range 0 ... 200% T, -0.3 ... 3Abs, 0 ... 1999Conc.

Operating modes: transmittance, absorbance Concentration Coefficients. Tungsten-halogen lamp. Monochromator from 1200linee / mm. Detector silicon photodiodes. Display 128x64 pixel graphic LCD. USB port. Dimensions (W x D x H): 440 x 360 x 180 mm. Weight: 8 Kg. Power supply: 85-265V AC, 50-60 Hz.

Basic PC Software supplied includes methods: absorbance, transmittance, working curve, method of coefficients, kinetics. Cells full support sled 4 cuvettes 10 mm, 4 square optical glass cuvette

Special 10mm, power cord EU, Basic Software, dust cover.

Supplied with test certificate with DKD related Standard.

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