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Main category/Stirrers/Magnetical Stirrers/Models                                                                        

M2-D PRO ARGOlab Magnetical Stirrer - Digital Control

Item 22002063
M2-D PRO Stirrer - Digital Control                      

Magnetic stirrer digital microprocessor with the heating plate. Multifunction LCD display with continuous speed and set temperature. 3 pre-set operating modes, control and regulation of the maximum temperature protection with visual alarm on the display, "Agitation" function control. Stirring speed: 0 ... 1,500 rpm, heating temperature: Max 340 ° C with accuracy ± 1 ° C with internal sensor, ± 0.2 ° C with external sensor. Heating power: 500W. Stirring volume 20 L. Piattello diam. 135 mm stainless steel. External sensor input for temperature PT 1000, RS 232 interface for remote control. Induction motor without maintenance. Degree of protection: IP 42. Dimensions (L x W x H): 280x160x65mm.

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