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Thermocryostat CB 5-10

Item 41102202
Thermocryostat CB 5-10                                        

Circulation thermocryostat with working range from -10°C to 100°C. The capacity of the tank is 5 liters.

PID type digital control system with a small number of adjustment keys for easy parameter setting. Large backlight digital display for simultaneous display of set temperature, actual temperature and all other operating parameters. Visual alarms with user-tacit icons and acoustics.

PT100 connector and probe supplied as standard for external temperature control. Contemporary fluid circulation inside and outside the tank for better stability and thermal inertia. Comfortable tap for the exclusion of external circulation.

Set of 2 meter tubes with insulating material (working range -40 / +60°C), metal clamps and hose clamp supplied as standard. Digital timer with programming range 1 min - 99 h and 59 min, continuous operation. The countdown begins when the set temperature is reached. Safety system for lack of liquid inside the tank. Easy-access stainless steel stainless steel tank for sample positioning, maintenance and equipped with standard cover. External dimensions (L x W x H) 290 x 570 x 710 mm. Weight: 34 Kg Power supply: 220V / 50Hz.

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