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Datalogger Mini 1Way PDF (1 x 10 pcs) alarm thresholds on request

Item 70101003
Datalogger Mini 1Way with Tresholds               

1 Package of no. 10 mini 1way temperature data loggers Single Trip with IP65 protection, internal temperature sensor and active LED (OK) and 4 LEDs for the 4 alarm thresholds.
Marking of an event on the logger by means of a Start button. Working range -40...+80 °C. Resolution 0.01°C. Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C (-10...+80°C), ±0.5°C (-40...-10°C).Capacity to store 13,000 measurements (Interval 1sec...24 hours). Internal battery (autonomy 1 year). Start with START button. STOP button activated via software to manually stop recording.
Direct USB connection to PC for automatic creation of a PDF file. Provide Hydrocal with alarm thresholds with delays, acquisition interval, STOP button activation if required.

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