pH60 DHS pH Benchmeter with DHS Elektrode

Item 5001102
pH 60 DHS Benchmeter                                            
pH meter benchtop digital microprocessor with DHS sensors management,  large backlight display, accuracy ± 0.01 pH and manual or automatic temperature compensation. GLP mode with last calibration's date and hour. "CAL TIMER" function for calibration frequency setting. "Stability" function for measurement "criteria" stability (Low-Med-High). Automatic calibration up to 3 points. Buffers selectable NIST, USA (8 values). Function "Stability", messages of self-diagnosis.
Three years warranty on the electronic part.
Measuring range: pH 0.00 ... 14.00 (0,1 - 0.01 pH); mV ±1000 (1 mV); °C 0.0 ... 100.0 (0.1 °C).
With electrode but with BNC cable, temperature probe NT55, support electrode holder, coloured pH buffers and instructions manual.
Complete of electrode mod. 201T with built-in temperature sensor, fixed cable with BNC plug and connector RCA for temperature sensor, support electrode holder, coloured pH buffers and instructions manual. pH 0 ... 14, temperature -10 ... 80°C

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